12 Best Escape Rooms In The World

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By Paulina Joukov | gls55 holdings ltd | October 14, 2021



Thrilling, scary, interactive, underground worlds, or ancient villas, the 12 best escape rooms in the world, are not for the weak-hearted. On the contrary, only the brave, skillful team players and puzzle lovers will succeed in saving the world, and unraveling long-forgotten secrets. If you think you’ve got what it takes, then book one of these 12 best escape rooms in the world, and try beating the odds.


1. Sherlocked Escape Room Amsterdam


Named after the most famous detective in the world, Sherlocked escape room is one of the most exciting escape rooms in the world. In Sherlocked you can choose between 2 very different experiences; The Architect or the Vault. One is 60 minutes long, and the second is 80 minutes long, both ideal for a group of 4 people, parents and teenagers are most welcomed.


However, the main difference between both escape rooms is the activity of course. The Architect will have you solve mysteries in a newfound room to keep the world’s most kept secrets. On the other hand, the Vault will have you change personas into thieves to steal a precious object from a very protected safe. Many before you have tried and failed, but your gang can be the one to succeed in this secretive and tricky operation. So, this escape room joins the most unique things to do in Amsterdam.

Budget Travel inc - Travel Tips, News | Vacation Rental | Escape Rooms Worldwide

2. Escape Hunt Worldwide


Escape Hunt room has branches in many locations in the world, from England to Singapore. If you love extraordinary creatures, Disney stories, and Alice, then you will love this escape room and will travel for the sole purpose of Escape Hunt, in every single country.


Escape Hunt room has a list of escape rooms, different in every country. In Marseilles, you will search for friends after Houdini made them vanish in the great circus, or in the UK help Alice and friends save Wonderland. So, the world’s puzzles and mysteries need your help and resourcefulness in great cities across Europe and Asia.


3. Enigma Quest In London


Located in Finsbury, a short distance from London Bridge and Thames River, Enigma Quest escape offers 3 amazing quests. If you are traveling with friends, family with kids, or a couple in search of adventures, then you can choose between a deepwater submarine escape room and the million-pound heist.


If you are an adrenaline seeker, perhaps the next Thelma and Louise? then the riddles in Enigma Quest are perfect for you. In Mission Wavebreak you will save the world, and in the Million Pound Heist, you will need to team up for the greatest prize in modern history. So, if you think you have what it takes, then Enigma Quest escape room in the heart of London has designed an epic 60-minutes adventure for you.


4. Paradox Project 2: The Bookstore Escape Room Athens


If you are an escape room fanatic, then the Paradox Project 2 in Athens is the ultimate escape room experience. Unlike the other amazing escape rooms in the world, the Paradox Project mission occupies an entire neoclassical house in Athens. That’s right, your quest spreads on the many rooms and secret passages in this outstanding house.


Moreover, the Bookstore escape room is a 200 minutes mission, that can easily be divided into 5-6 themed escape rooms. So, you will actually be enjoying the best of all worlds, and that is a priceless escape room experience. A beautifully designed set with puzzles, multiple spaces, stairs, awaits the thrill-seekers inside a real bookstore in Athens.


5. The Mr. X Mystery House Shanghai


If you get tired of the skyscrapers in Shanghai, Mr. X’s puzzle house will be a great break from the bustling city. This amazing escape house has 5 rooms, each has a different mystery to solve. You are basically locked in a room for an hour, without any idea of the big picture. The challenge is using everything in the room, and even the street, to try and find your way out of the room.


Mr. X’s escape rooms are full of mysteries and challenges. In contrary to the other fantastic escape rooms in the world, here your team will need to use all senses, observation, and logic, to simply find a way out of the room. Mr. X Mystery House is located in the heart of Bridge 8 II, Huangpu District, where the adventure begins straight from the entrance.


6. Escape Boats And SOS Escape Rooms Dublin


The extraordinary Escape Boats room in the city of Dublin is one of the top 10 escape rooms in the world. Here, you will need to put all your wits and energies together and find a way out of the barge. Indeed, Escape Boats and SOS rooms are located on a barge, off Dublin dock.


Therefore, Escape room Boats and SOS are some of the special escape rooms in the world. The way out is full of puzzles, code-cracking, and mystery solving. If the escape room is part of a special celebration, the company can even arrange finger food from nearby bars on the canal Dock.


7. ParaPark Escape Room Budapest


The greatest mystery in Budapest is waiting for you in the ParaPark escape room basement. You will descend to find clues lying around in the first-ever escape room in Europe. Here, you will find yourself in a crime scene, Twin Peaks inspired. So, be prepared to play detective, and help your team out of the box, as you think out of the box, or basement, for that matter.


Crime Scene 95 is in NYC, where gangs battle the streets, and tragedy happens. So, you will be called to find solve the clues, save the papers to find the criminal before the end of an hour. To conclude, the ParaPark escape room is for strong-hearted thriller and crime story lovers.


8. The Room Berlin


The Room has 4 missions, each 75 minutes long, each challenging, and each will have you travel in time to another space. Treasure hunt in Humboldt University, an internship with the greatest ghost hunter, or helping the great Berlin investigator to catch the Killer of Berlin, it is evident these missions are not for the easily scared gamer.


Therefore, choose your challenge carefully, and come well-equipped with wits, dress, and brave heart. The Room escape in Berlin is a 2017 Golden-Lock winner, designed to challenge any escape room enthusiast. Moreover, this escape room is totally worth a trip to Berlin, for the second and fifth times.


9. The Catacombs Escape Room Paris


This unusual escape room in Paris is only for the bravest enthusiasts. If you haven’t figured out from the name, the Catacombs escape room takes you centuries back to a place of darkness in the underground world of Paris. While Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, its catacombs are spooky, and some will say a bit scary.


Thus, if you are a risk-taker at heart, and goosebumps are not a strange feeling, then book the Catacombs escape room. Playing the escape room game here will be an exhilarating experience and a fresh change from visiting the gardens, or shopping in Paris.


10. Harry Potter Escape Room Prague


Escaping Harry Potter’s room is a family mission. The decor and puzzles are kids-friendly, with interactive figures the kids can communicate with. Additionally, you and the kids will receive magical wands, so they can experience the special world of Harry Potter.


The Harry Potter escape room in Prague is a 60 minutes mission. During this magical hour, your team will need to find three artifacts hidden in the secret Harry Potter escape room, The Harry Potter Escape Room is a fun and exciting time for the whole family in Prague.


11. Outdoor Escape Game In Villa Borghese Rome


Everyone travel to Italy for food, villas, and wine. With the craze of escape rooms conquering the world, Italy’s top locations have become the most amazing escape rooms. The stunning Villa Borghese is the starting point to a 2.5 hours of puzzle-solving. The villa is an outdoor escape room where you will be advancing from clue to clue by boat.


This unique escape room is in Rome. So, when you finish exploring the Colosseum, you will discover beautiful hidden spots in the Italian capital. To conclude, Villa Borghese is the best outdoor escape room in Europe. Unlike the basements, libraries, and catacombs, here you will interact in the most beautiful Italian landscape.


12. The Laboratory Escape Room Bunschoten


An hour from Amsterdam, the Laboratory escape room in Bunschoten is totally worth the drive or train trip from any location in Europe. Bunschoten has 3 escape rooms, but the Laboratory is the best one, and one of the best escape rooms in Europe.


To complete the challenging mission, you will step into  Dr. Steiner’s laboratory, just as he left it 7o+ years ago. Your mission will be to discover what happened to the poor doctor, and you will need to gather all your strength and resourcefulness to solve this mystery in only 60 minutes. Obviously, you could bring 2-3 partners to the mission, so remember to book in advance.